Monday, 15 February 2010


I am a candle wick, bound inside the wax
Packaged in golden paper, I’d shine a shimmering shine
One day, I passed from his hands to hers
That heat, the melting wax, and the wine

She held me, admired, and put me away
The dust couldn’t get to me, nor could the breeze
One evening I came out, in his hands, on her bedside
I watched the bed sheet form a crease

I burnt for the very first time that special day
A bright red burn, as the wax held me tight
Air and oxygen seemed to elude me for some reason
The flame although the brightest, couldn’t burn away the night

Three years passed, the wax began to wane
She met him twice a year, or maybe thrice
Yet, I felt stronger, I felt the wax losing grip of me
Despite being a paler orange, I could now even scorch ice

The waning wax today just holds on to my feet,
After six years of their laughter, tears and tests
And although, I’m still shackled down below
I’ve grown a burn of blue, colour so calm, yet the hottest

So I breathe easy now, and continue to burn
In colours of love, trust & desire; in his and her mind
All phases of red, orange and the peaceful blue they’ll easily pass
Did I mention I was colour blind?


reader said...
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rishika said...

Reaffirming! :)

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Rajarshi said...

nice !

Pallavi said...

wow :)

Atreye said...

Diary of a Candle flame!:D
;) Nice!