Monday, 30 November 2009

EMS Paper, the flower story

EMS Paper today.

I had (or perhaps we all had) this antaryaami feeling that Suresh Jain sir would give us a rather weird looking flower shaped incomprehensible that standard "explain BRIEFLY with a DIAGRAM" question.

Last night as I prepared, fighting my sleep and my boredom, I stared at a slide. It had Four circles, overlapping each another. At the centre was a box. Said something about arbit stakeholder management gyaan. The four circles had these written:

Ok, I knew what CSR was (haven't the seniors and teachers harping on how everyone is deeeeeply into CSR these days?).

In case you wonder (Corporate governance, Corporate Sustainability and Corporate competitiveness).

I rattofied (or tried to, because I couldn't understand a word of the flower). The Four CC's were good. So were the Four horizontal and vertical arrows. But the diagonal arrows? What the hell did they mean?

Ok, what was the title of the diagram? What was it that I was reading?

Today, I told DDT (or Aditi), I have this feeling that flower diagram will come in the exam. "So do I", said Aditi. She continued "But I tried to learn it, and I remembered your words of wisdom during the IIA exam. There's no point in trying to rattofy something when you know it will just not enter your brains. So I dropped it."

Great, my words of wisdom!

Classroom, before the exam

Priyanka "This arrow has @#$$@$%^&^%$#@#$%^%$#"
Tarika "No No I think$#$%%^%$##$"
Priyanka "Then what did the words below that arrow say?"
Tarika "..........."
Kopal; "Arey, what was the topic of the slide?"

(I still couldn't figure out what the arrows said!

The question paper... Question 5 (or was it 6?)

Explain "The 4CR multi-dimensional corporate responsibility perspective" using a DIAGRAM.


Answer sheet: Four circles and four arrows.

Suresh Jain sir "Paper to easy tha na."
Me: "Haan sir, pata nahin, papers to easy hi hote hain"
Sir: "Direct questions the"
Me: "Sir woh 4 CR wala nahin aata tha, pata tha aayega, par nahin aata tha"
Sir: "Woh to kitna easy tha"
Me: "Easy to tha sir, aur gole banaye bhi hain, par galat hain"


Adi said...

Lolz lolz.....we rock....

raghu said...

Thanks almighty, for keeping me out of such complexities.