Saturday, 28 November 2009

A random walk...

A random walk, a day's work well done
I see the eyes, the ruffled hair,
in an attire fit for a laugh
Everyday a glimpse, and a repulsive thought
Growing in her belly a life, or maybe two

A random walk, a day's work half done
the belly bigger, her eyes smiling,
those soiled hands reaching out
The repulsion wearing off, growing on it, perhaps sympathy?
Sitting on the pavement she laughs

A random walk, a day's work still half done
the sight of pandals, the bells,
the songs in praise of goddess Durga
She sits on the pavement, seven months after
the night which ripped her innocence

A random walk, a day's work incomplete
children run, priests sing, women gossip
the belly grows, chest bigger,
waiting for that one glimpse of hope
I pray for mercy, and her well being

A random walk, a day's work well done
the belly a gentle flab, hair still wild
a newborn smiles
lullabies fill the nights, laughter shines
an ngo snatches away her only piece of pride

A random walk, a day's work done
the face marked by the innocent smile, probably a laugh
unruly hair spills over
Sitting on the pavement, passersby glance and snigger
Will there be another such night?


mAdMan said...

You always right stuff that moves me so much that 2 weeks later I may not recall its beauty, but surely remember the melancholy.

Lyra... said...

am glad you liked it :)