Sunday, 6 December 2009

A beauty parlour; Some conversations

“Did you hear Mrs. Thakkar’s young daughter is pregnant?”
“Oh you mean the wife of the infidel, alcoholic lieutenant?”
“No, no, that’s the other Mrs. Thakkar who lives in South Delhi”
who has a teen daughter, known for an appearance rather slovenly”
“Oh, the one, who has that smelly, ogre-like lover?
“Ya! with teeth all crooked, and a head that’d look better under a cover”
“No wonder they weren’t included in Mrs Khanna’s list of party invitations
With daughters like these, they’ve forever scarred their reputation”


“Payal spends a lot lately, wonder where she gets all that cash”
“Haha, it’d be better if she used all of it to get rid of her moustache!”
“Those ugly blackheads on her nose, makes me sick when I look at her
and to think I HAVE to see her face in school, today, tomorrow and day after.”
“Have you seen Roshni’s arms and legs, aren’t they horrifyingly hairy?
She doesn’t even do her eyebrows, imagine, that’s like totally scary!”
“Yeah, even Rachna, I wonder if she’s ever visited the parlour
“Unsightly sensibilities, all these girls, I’m glad we’re way way smarter!”


“I love giving money for charity, that’s the least I can do, can’t I?”
Like I recently helped those orphaned kids, by donating a lakh to CRY.”
“Well, I donated 5 lakhs, since being rich has with it responsibilities”
and oh those kids love me so, and treat me like a celebrity!”
“Oh, my husband once took it on him, to change some street kids’ fate
and so they went viewing their country, in his grand private jet”
“We give them food, we give them clothes, we give them all our money
yet they crib, moan and shout, and say we’re all a bunch of phonies!”


“Did you see the black dress, that Ronita wore to the party?”
“Yeah, showing off her cleavage; she got drunk little miss smarty!
“Not that, I meant it’s the same black dress she wore even the last time
tchah! What a revolting thought, I’d NEVER commit such a crime!”
“She’s got neither a good body, nor a rich dad to flaunt
So how does she always manage a guy, on all her silly jaunts?!”
“She needs a serious makeover, my maid looks better than her!”
“But she can’t be really helped, it’s useless, so why even bother... ”


Dishman said...

Ah.. something makes me really happy when a member of the fairer sex takes digs at the general population of the members of the fairer sex..:P. And writing like this makes me even more happy. I like!!..:)

blank_confusion said...

lol! thanks :D..
Hope the vegetarian biryani was good :P