Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Fireflies, and a night
a math textbook, scribbled notes
a song playing too loud
to shut out, what is deafening

Today, tonight
a broken pot, a burn of white
a door not too strong, trying
to shut out, what is blinding

A lunch, a dinner
a scream, a smack
a pull of the hair, little hands scared
to stop, what is bleeding

An exam night
a scattered math note, a torn book
a burn, an attempt
to stop, what is beating

A drunken day, a drunken night
a smack again, a lustful force
an act of horrifying domination
to shut, what is creating

An owl, another night
a rebellion, a rise
a little fear, a lot of courage
to let out from within, what is seething

A morning, the creeping night
a plan, a sense of hatred
a wait for that one impetus
to root out, what is poisoning

that night, a starry night
again a hit, again a fall
again a pull of the hair; and then a shot
to kill, what is killing

Fireflies, and a night
a math textbook, scribbled notes
a song, a mother’s hug
to love, what is loving


mAdMan said...

I am jealous, your blog has a beautiful name. :)

And maaaaybee you should move away from macabre :)

Or maybe not!

blank_confusion said...

thank you :)

and yes, I shall move away from macabre...lol...(this will the last of sorts for a while, where the while equals a loooooooong time)

but after two fun writings, I got this URGE to write this.:P

But thanks a lot anyway :*